Im not sure if I posted this to the group.

> This is an interesting idea, but I wonder if we can't do better than
this. It does not feel that efficient to me to basically have submenus on

> I'm wondering if some better user experience cannot be achieved to deal
with the fact that GIMP has more and more tools (*), so now I'm waiting
from inputs from you all. :-)
> Jehan
> (*) Of course one such idea could be to get rid of some tools, like I
wish it were possible with the Unified Transform Tool (replacing other
transform tools) if we could get better controls there!

The unified transform tool is coming and could replace most of the other
tools.  It is a great tool but it does not replace the flip tool, and the
move tool(I don't think), or the cage tool.  Thus even if the user decides
they don't want to see the tool or the devs pull it out, there still would
be a use to group the transform tool.

In my case I hide a lot of the toolbox, but there always comes a time when
I need to pull out a tool that I have hidden. For example the select by
color tool.  It is rare that the fuzzy selection tool can't do what I want
and need to select all the same color but there are times.  The same goes
with the stamp toll vs the heal tool, don't always need the heal tool but
it is still a good tool to have around.  Not to mention all the color tools
and the GEGL tools, I don't ever use them but that's not to say that I
won't ever find a use for them.  Currently GIMP hides them by default, this
is because that would be way too many tools.  If they were grouped then
they could be brought out making them more visible.  Im sure there are
users who don't even know they exist.

This is why I purpose that similar tools be grouped together.  If not by
default then let the user decide whether they want to group tools.

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with him.

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On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 12:49 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine <> wrote:

> On 10/15/15, Andrew Pullins  wrote:
> > To improve user experience I propose toolbox groups. Attached is an
> > image showing how this could be done. In Preferences > Toolbox there
> > would be a new folder button to add folder groups. Use the up and down
> > arrows or Drag tool into folders to add them to groups.  when tools
> > are selected they are displayed at the top of the tool group(in the
> > Toolbox not the group menu). This feature would go nicely with the
> > Toolbox Spacer feature request.
> I'm afraid that this is another band-aid request.
> It's true that the amount of tools keeps increasing. But many tools
> could be effectively combined into one, e.g.:
> 1) Selection tools (we had a failed GSoC project on that).
> 2) Cage transform and N-Point tools.
> Also, we already have Universal Transform Tool that could completely
> replace standalone transformation tools, if it was given ability to
> define exact transform values (there has been a lot of argument about
> that in the past).
> So, again, let's not go for band-aids as long as we can, please.
> Alex
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