On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 12:40 PM, Jehan <je...@girinstud.io> wrote:

> This is interesting though I wonder how many user would actually use
> these. I feel like while this seems like a cool idea at first, but then
> many users may get used to one of their workspace in particular and in the
> end would basically use only this one.
> Most software which had a profile concept seem to have dropped it now.

this is true, but is interesting to have the possibility of workspace
profiles... because this is transversal of the themes concept... because
the same profile would be useful in 'all' (!?) themes. This open an
interesting scenario to simplify and share other workflows through the
workspace... Perhaps is a bit confused my concept,..., I try explain better:
“The workspace profile is the entry door of many kind of tasks... and in
this sense could to improve also the GIMP Usability to other scenarios,


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