General premises

On GIMP we have the interesting shortcut to swap colours between FG and
For painting tasks this swap is very useful, mainly if we are using the
colour parameter (paint dynamics).
Seeing a recent and an old bug report (thanks Elle)... I think be useful
open an short discussion around the topic.


Is already present on GIMP a history of colours on the dialog to change the
colours of FG or BG.
But is also interesting to have an extension of this concept, but more
easier or simplified to use.
I think that MyPaint has a efficient concept of this feature. The history
of colours is a buffer with the last 5 colours used.
The concept of history on GIMP is a bit different... and like is a kind of
a secondary palette.
To paint workflow, perhaps is more usable the history MyPaint concept.

Create a secondary swap colours shortcut where is possible is possible to
have the last colours used on the canvas.
Perhaps, would be interesting to have on the prefs the possibility to
choose the amount of colours.
Perhaps is useful to have a dialog where is possible to see the colour
I have made a short video to show this feature on MyPaint.
The feature on MyPaint has also by default the key 'x' to access this


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