On 2015-12-09 23:52, Andrew Pullins wrote:
I have a very successful Icon theme that people seem to like.  My
theme gives people the options of Darker, Dark, Light, and Lighter
themes.  Darker and Dark have dark panels but light icons, Light and
Lighter have light panels but dark icons.  Everything in the theme
lights up GIMP Orange when selected or hovered over.

We'd be happy to have contributors to the new official theme. This is the reason of my opening this thread. :-)

You are welcome to check the master branch and propose some of your icons (or newly made) for the missing icons, or even propose different icons for the existing symbolic ones if you believe you have a better symbol to represent a function. Just make bug reports with your proposed icons.

my theme is GPL V2 but I can change that if need be, my icons are
licened under the creative commons license: to Share — to copy,
distribute and transmit the work, to Remix — to adapt the work, to
make commercial use of the work.

We had a problem (or at least an uncertainty) about the CC by-sa license. If I remember correctly, this is because we are embedding icons within the main code. Well at least for what we choose to be the default icon theme, but since we may want to make the symbolic theme the default theme at some point (though I am personally not set on this), we don't want to block our future choices.

So that means you'd have to relicense as GPLv3. But since you say that's no problem below, well that's good.

See the FSF answer to our question about GPLv3 - CC by-sa compatibility here: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-developer-list/2013-October/msg00112.html

both licenses can be changed if need be.  All I want is for people to
be able to freely distribute it, make changes, and distribute those
changes as their own as long as they give others the same rights.

There are a few problems that I have found when making this theme.

Bug 724834 [8]: Some icons do not change properly depending on what
state they are in.  Some icons will show their active state/icon when
inactive and other icons will show their inactive state/icon when
active.  This is not a problem for the current icon theme and is
understand able as to why it was over looked but for themes such as
mine where all icons change depending on their state.  This not only
makes my theme look bad but GIMP as well.

Bug 742300 [9]: GIMP allows SVG icons under Linux and Mac but the SVG
pixbuf loader is missing from the Windows version. This is a huge
problem as we get more and more high resolution screens. SVG icons
always look good where as bitmap does not.

Using SVG icons directl would be very interesting, in my opinion to handle dynamically many different kind of screens.

If all platforms are not perfectly handled though, I guess this will wait until all main platforms are fully working with vectorial icons.

When I started this project I only had two themes but then I added one
more gradient lighter/darker. At first all my themes had their own
copies of the icons. That would be 350 icons per set or 1400 icons all
together. So I started changeing how my theme worked. I created a
Decor folder that held my icons along with other things. This way both
Dark and Darker could link to the same icon set instead of each having
their own. But this seems to be some what problematic. At times it
just did not work for no apparent reasons.

I'm not sure we should have too many themes. A dark and a light seems a good deal to me. If people wants more choices, they can always search and download (or make their own). The goal is not to suit each and every one's need, because it is impossible (there is always someone who is not happy with the default). So we should just propose a few sane choices, and let people with more specific needs install other themes.

I think it would be beneficial to separate the icon themes from the
background themes. That way you could change out the background theme
but keep the icons you like, or change out the icons and keep the
background theme.

This is how it works in GIMP 2.9 (and 2.10). Old themes with icons set in the gtkrc simply won't work, I believe.


Checking the page, it does not seem you are the author of the icons (you are citing various people). Are you? If you are not, or not the only one, you'd have to ask permission to everyone who participated for the license change. You cannot do it on your own (if that is your case).


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