Hello Gabriela,

On 2016-01-23 22:17, Gabriela Wieczorek wrote:
Hi, i created few dark themes for Gimp, here is the project:
But they work perfectly only on Windows, now when i install Linux:
Linux Mint 17.3 with KDE, none of the theme (my or downloaded from
don't work properly - my kde plasma style always wins, and default
background color for main
gimp windows stays with basic system colors, not with the theme.
How can i change the files in my themes, so they will work properly?
I manege to turn-off wilber logo,changed icons to mono, i don't want
back to Windows ;/
Plase, tell me what i miss, not even one of my/outside themes don't
work properly with kde ;/

As a note, this mailing list is dedicated to discuss UX and GUI on GIMP core, not to deal with user problems. For this, you should have asked on the gimp-user-l...@gnome.org mailing list.

This said, a few people here are knowledgeable on themes, so you may be lucky and get an answer anyway. As for I, I can't really help you for sure, but from what I understand, there are issues with GTK+ themes under KDE with default settings. Our new themes have this comment:

# KDE:
# * For this theme to work under KDE users will need to disable either
# "Apply colors to non-QT applications" or "Apply KDE Colours to Non-KDE
#   apps" depending on the version.

Not sure if this will help you with your issue. Hopefully yes. If not, someone more informed may make a better answer.
Have fun with GIMP.


[1] http://gimpstuff.org/content/show.php/GIMP+Theme+Project?content=165803

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