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- A pure white theme would reflect the proper appearance of the image
printed on white paper.

So should the whitest theme be even whitest? ("pure white" #FFFFFF even?)

Elle's e-mail from 23.01.2016, 5:29 PM describes it best.
As Elle points out, the padding color is the most important piece for
adjustments here. We could try out Elle's example colors or perhaps
check with one/some of the industry standard ICC profiles from
http://www.colormanagement.org/index_en.html if they held useful
information for us.

The "printer-paper" profiles that I checked are for making photographic prints. As far as I know there is no industry standard for this type of profile, rather printing establishments and individuals either make their own custom profiles or else they use profiles supplied by the company that makes the printer or the paper.

The colord and basICColor print profiles overlap the profiles from colormanagement.org. These profiles (and most? all? of the output device profiles from colormanagement.org) are CMYK profiles, which are relevant for graphic design and mass printing in newspapers and magazines, but so much not for photographic prints or digital prints for display on the web.

The LAB values for the white points for the colord and basICColor CMYK profiles range from 80 to 96. The lower values are for newsprint profiles, which have a low white point and also very high black points (and an exceedingly small color gamut).

LAB L=80 corresponds to sRGB R=G=B=145, HTML #919191
LAB L=85 corresponds to sRGB R=G=B=168, HTML #a8a8a8

I will hazard a guess that people using GIMP for editing images for eventual CMYK output would prefer medium or light themes.


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