On 2016-07-24 16:09, Marvin Winitsky wrote:
I have the latest version of GIMP, and Parallels on my Mac, but I'm
not technical in the slightest. How do I copy a photo from my Picture
File on my MacBook Pro, to the main edit screen on GIMP on the Windows
side? How do I play on one side, with an already-taken photo on the
other side? Cut and Paste? If so, how?

This mailing list is dedicated to user interface discussions i.e. how to improve the user experience in GIMP. It is not meant to answer generic questions on how to use GIMP. For this, you will want to subscribe to the gimp-user mailing list: https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gimp-user-list

Anyway to answer something relevant for you: if I understand correctly, you have Windows running virtualized inside MacOSX (searching the web, this is apparently what "Parallels" software is) and GIMP running inside this virtualized Windows? If so, first of all, you should know that GIMP also has a native OSX version. Is there any reason why you have such a complicated setup rather than simply running GIMP on Mac?

Now if you really must do such a setup, I can't say for sure because I never tried Parallels, but usually virtualization software allow to share directories/files between the native and the virtualized system. So you should be able to pass your files from your OSX to your Windows environment. You should read the documentation or ask the Parallels community to know how to do so (this is not GIMP-specific, this is just about sharing files in general). How course, if your virtualized and native environment also share the clipboard, you should also be able to share images via copy-paste, as you suggest. But depending on what exactly you want to do, I would advise you to rather go the file-sharing way (which will anyway be useful in general).


P.S.: if you have any more questions, please subscribe to the gimp-user mailing list and ask them there. :-)

 Thanks for the help.

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