On 2016-08-22 10:36, Josef Ridky wrote:
Hi, I am new co-maintainer of GIMP package in Fedora and RHEL.

Following request has been submitted to me:

When adding or editing a text box in GIMP,
the list of fonts can become blank if you
delete what is in the font search box.

Well you deleted what was in the font entry, so yes it is blank. If we prevented it from becoming completely blank, nobody could ever change the selected font. ;-)

When that font box is empty, there should be
a tool tip or an icon of a search magnifying glass
to designate what it is to show the user
that it is a search box.

I don't feel like any of this would *really* help. The user deleted the text there by oneself, so obviously one knows what this field is for, no? What I could imagine is showing the currently selected font (or some descriptive text: "Select font" for instance) as some shadow grey text (i.e. the "placeholder" attribute on input fields in html5), but I have no idea if GTK+2 (or even GTK+3) can do this by default.

Original bug report: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1368207

Is possible to include this request into new release, or it hasn't
sense to solve?

I think something could definitely be done to improve user experience on this point, though I am not sure how much your proposition would do the job. But basically most of the experience related to the text tool is really terrible. I'm not sure it makes sense to spend too much time for this specific issue when I think it is only a drop in the text tool mess. I'd prefer to have a UX designer work with us to rework the whole tool experience. I had been discussing with a few of RedHat designers at GUADEC and I welcome their UX input! (we even discussed the text tool specifically with Jimmac) My offer stands. I say this since I see you have a RedHat email, so you can spread the word. :P

Now if someone provided a patch adding a search icon in there when it is empty — or even better a shadow placeholder text à-la-html5 — I would probably accept the patch (though I am not the maintainer so Mitch may have another idea). But for us, that's otherwise not a priority and I doubt we will put it in the GIMP 2.10 roadmap. This is more a "if someone provides a patch" than a "we have to do this".

Thanks for advice.

You are welcome. I hope this was a helpful answer.



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