Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:

Are there any plans to compile Gimp Python for Win32?
I'd be happy to use it!

Oh gosh... I forgot it doesn't run on Windows yet.

It must be because of fairly minor details...but I can not check for them simply because I have no windows.

I will try and contact someone who could check for it.

In order to get Python plug-ins for GIMP on Win32, you need:

1. Python
You can use ActviePython, probably the most common Python distribution
for Win32:

2. PyGTK
The python binding to GTK+. Available as installers from

3. PyGIMP itself
Built using the distutils tools, which are part of Python (and not the
current autotools build).

4. A fix for bug 98737
Basically, glib can't run scripts on win32 right now.

I did step 3 myself (the resulting is rather poor, though) and use a modification to gimp's plug-in handling code to get around step 4.

PyGTK can be built without problems if you have a build environment that allows ou to build GIMP, so it can probably serve as an example on how to create a proper PyGIMP distutils build.


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