>I am trying to use the heal selection tool to eliminate text from a
>graphic. Unfortunately, the credits at the bottom of the tombstone are
>too close together. There are not enough pixels available to achieve a
>nice result. I've tried using the "heal selection" tool around each
>individual word. The end result is very poor.
>Are there other methods that I could use to achieve the desired
>result. I've tried cloning, healing, dodging and burning. The results
>aren't that much better.

I do not think there is much choice. I prefer a plain clone tool + fuzzy brush
and a bit of artistic license. A little bit of smudge tool sometimes helps.  A
couple of minutes of work for screenshot.

* https://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/1169/original/erase.jpg

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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