On 4/26/19 1:41 PM, BWK wrote:
Coming from some other application perhaps, still not familiar with
Gimp. Nobody pretends that Gimp works the same as 'some other'
graphics application - why should it? There is a learning curve
Coming from what is actually considered the norms of interface design for GUI
applications. Which is that they are (intuitively) easy to use.

The answer is that it should follow the same norms of interface design as any
other software with a list box control. A multiple list of layers it should be
possible to select multiple layers and right click for a list of actions that
can be applied to multiple layers simultaneously e.g. Group. It is much slower
to have to create a group and drag one layer at a time into it, not the least
because Gimp has to re-render each layer when it gets dragged into a group if
that group has a different visibility setting.

Actually this looks like the chain links concept... Next to the eye icon
in the layers list there is a chainlink icon (normally not visible,
until you click on it...). If items are chain-linked (layers, but also
channels and paths) then any transform applied to any of the
chain-linked items (move, but also rotate/shear/etc...) is also applied
to the other ones (note that the transform preview only applies to the
current item, the other ones are transformed when you "commit" the

And keep in mind that groups are also (first?) a way to determine
composition order. They act a bit like parentheses in a mathematical
formula. They can be used for "management" only if you use the "Normal"
mode, in other modes putting a layer or not in group change the visual

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