>Not 100% sure of what you have done but first a guide to those layers
>First screenshot
>1. Get this out the way, a non-active text layer, moved partly off the
>canvas, dotted line shows the boundary and if you look at your
>screenshot you see the top of the text slightly clipped.
>2. The text tool options dialogue sets the properties for the text
>layer Font, size, colour, anti-aliasing (does anyone turn that off?)
>kerning, character spacing. Change these values and all text on the
>text layer is affected.
>3. The on-canvas text tool dialogue will initially reflect the Tool
>Options. Selecting characters on canvas and individual (or groups) of
>characters and properties can be changed.  The position of the cursor
>does show the relevant properties.
>That is the basics and you do need to understand how Gimp works.  
>Second screenshot
>4. Any graphic editing on a text layer and it then becomes a regular
>bitmap. This one the GEGL drop shadow.
>5. The layer dialogue now shows the change from text to raster
>Third screenshot and a maybe this is what you did.
>6. New day with a different computer or different setup. Open the
>image, use the text tool on the raster layer. Gimp has some text
>information, but has to discard any effects to get back to a text
>7. Selecting Edit will discard the drop shadow effect and return to
>original state.
>Fourth screenshot
>8. Now have the text layer back, the text icon is there. --- but ---
>The font Albertus used initially is no longer there. (Either removed
>or a different computer.)
>9. The now non-existent font is replaced by the system default ( in
>this case Standard Symbols)
>10. Part of it is still there, the Century font for the magenta 'E' is
>there and is used.
>The on-canvas tool does not control antialiasing.  If the text looks
>'blocky' then usually it is very small with insignificant
>anti-aliasing and not much can be done about that, or it is the font.
>Need a plugin to show text properties that might still remain on a
>raster layer?
>look for text-info-0.1.py well down the list (dated 2014-08-26)

thanks for taking the time to explain - much appreciated 

chrisj (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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