>also, does photoshop have any advantage over the quality of an
>outputted file, over GIMP?

Since this is about text, it is known that Gimp 2.10 renders small text on the
light side. Something to do with the current cairo library I believe. From
memory Gimp 2.8 was better in this respect.

Attached a comparison with PS (very old PS). If it is faint try a very small
increase in size (1 or 2 pix) , that sometimes makes a noticeable difference or
duplicate the text layer and put top text layer into hard light layer mode.

More generally, PS can work in CMYK colour space. If your work is for offset
printing then the whole project start to finish should be in CMYK. There is a
good application+plugin for conversion, 'Cyan' but there is always that colour
shift between RGB and CMYK profiles.

Other than that, for exporting finished work, a png/jpeg/tif is a png/jpeg/tif 

* https://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/1182/original/text1.png

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