On 5/19/19 8:52 PM, chrisj wrote:
> When I try to edit a .xcf file (of text words), and select the correct layer,
> then select the Text tool, a box pops-up stating "Confirm Text Editing". When 
> I
> select 'edit' that text layer enlarges automatically beyond the canvas area.
> Very annoying. 

I just did a little project (using GIMP 2.8) and ran into the same
thing.  In my case, this happens when the text was created in a larger
version of the image, when I later scaled down.  Scaling the image does
not change the initial text size setting, so when the text layer is made
active for editing, viola:  Giant text.  Saving the XCF file after
adjusting the text size will fix this - for the one text layer in question.


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