I am a French engineering student and I'm currently working on a presentation 
of the ecosystem around GIMP for my Software Economy course.
I found most of my answers on gimp.org and other websites but i am still 
clueless for a few questions (three plus a bonus one to be exact).
I hoped to find some answers here. I am not sure this is the right place to ask 
these questions but maybe someone could direct me to a better place if it isn't.

1. Is there any contributor license agreement (CLA) to GIMP ? Or in another 
words who own the source code of GIMP, each individual contributor or an sole 

2. Is GIMP a trademark ? Is there any restrictions about using the name GIMP 
for other softwares?

3. How did Michael Natterer become the current maintainer ? Is he only a big 
contributor to GIMP or does he have more rights than other, and if it is, who 
gave him those rights?

And lastly another less important question :
4. What is the exact relationship between the GNOME Foundation and GIMP ? On 
one hand the website gimp.org tell that there is no foundation or company 
behind GIMP but on the other hand the GNOME Foundation is hosting several parts 
of the GIMP project (mailing lists, repositories and donations).

Hoping to find some -full or partial- answers,
Gabriel Canivet
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