On 6/1/19 9:56 AM, DrBetsy86 wrote:
> I am trying to use an otf font I purchased. It is installed in the font 
> folder,
> I can access it in Word and even paint but it doesn't show up in gimp. It 
> looks
> like otf fonts should be accessible to gimp, especially as they were created 
> for
> graphic designers, but this one is just not showing up.  Any ideas?

I just checked and the version of GIMP I have here - 2.8.10 on a Debian
family Linux OS - handles OTF fonts normally.  2.10 should do likewise.

If your problem OTF font is installed in a system font folder, try
putting a copy in your GIMP fonts folder to make sure the GIMP can find
it.  On *NIX systems the folder is at /home/.gimp/fonts.  Various
Windows versions seem to put GIMP configuration (etc.) files in
different locations, but they will all be there including the \fonts
folder.  On any system, you will need to tell your file browser to show
hidden files and directories.

This may be helpful in finding the GIMP config & etc. files on Microsoft


Also make sure the file extension is correct, and if it's in upper case
try changing it to lower case.

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