On Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 09:48:03PM +0200, Carusoswi wrote:
> Thanks for the response.  I am running Ubuntu 19.04 64 bit.  GIMP is version
> 10.10.10.  When I navigate to ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins and run 'ls', there
> are no files that show up.  In GIMP, if I follow the Filters dropdown menu to
> Python or Script-fu, there is little there other than Console/Console-Refresh
> Scripts-Start Server.

That is the place for user-specific plugins.  For system-wide
plugins try /usr/lib/gimp-2.0/plug-ins.  Things like despeckle and
destripe in the Filters -> Enhance menu.

> I would like to install GimpLensFun, G'Mic (which I understand is a plugin), 
> and
> explore some of the other offerings.
> I do not find any GIMP plugins available in the Ubuntu software center, and, 
> as
> you seem to indicate, my online search returned plugins that I guess are for 
> the
> Windows version of GIMP.

For anything written with script-fu, just find it, install it, and
see if it works (a lot of things don't because they need to be
changed for 2.10).  I guess python scripts are similar.  Unfortunately
there is no successor to the registry.

But for g'mic, you need to compile it and nowadays it needs Qt5.

When I build it (my current version is 2.4.5 which I expect is now
quite old) I only build the plugin (the deps for the other variants
such as command-line are more extensive - see e.g. the Arch (AUR)
script for some more details if you need them.

For gimp-qt the deps include Qt5 (qmake - perhaps only the base part
of qt5 with development files if your distro offers that) and
therefore cmake, fftw3 ("plain" and _threads libraries), plus of
course gimp and its deps.  Apparently, 2.5.4 needs qt-5.10 at a
minimum : I'm not sure what version your distro offers, nor if the
latest and greatest g'mic_qt heeds a newer version of qt.

For 2.4.5 :

cd gmic-qt
qmake GMIC_PATH=../src HOST=gimp
make [ you can use -jN but much of it only uses 1 core ]
and as root
install -v -m755 gmic_gimp_qt /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/

The first time you use it, you need to click on the box on the
dialog to download more filters - sorry, my current system is in an
earlier stage of the system build exploring various options in
CFLAGS etc, so I don't have the plugin installed and can't tell you
what the text for that option is - it's near the bottom of the
centre part.

> GIMP 10.10 "flogged my eyes" such that I took serious notice of darktable 
> which,
> in the first 10.10 GIMP that I installed was called as the RAW converter
> whenever I clicked on a RAW file to open it in GIMP.

If you mean it was too bright, try turning down the brightness - on
modern laptops which seem designed to blow out our eyeballs, in
Xorg (no idea about Wayland) :
 xrandr --output <whichever> --brightness 0.N
where the value is something like 0.7.

I'm old-school enough to not use a graphical login, so I put that
into ~/.xinitrc but I guess it should also work in ~/.xsession.

And the dark theme might also help (Preferences -> Interfaces ->
Theme) if you aren't already using it.

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