>I prefer a long-term-support (LTS) version and use (k)ubuntu 18.04.
>Each new ubuntu seems a little more MS-dumbed-down than the previous,
>but a bit of checking in Ubuntu 19.04
>Any version, folders in ~.config/GIMP/2.10 are empty. They are for any
>resources, scripts - plugins - fonts - brushes...  that you want to
>add to your Gimp installation.
>Installed Gimp scripts and plugins are run via
>the Gimp menu structure **not** started on their own or from those

So, I checkded all my GIMP menus and found nothing about Lens Fun, for example. 
Nothing about G’MIC, either, so I must be doing something wrong.

>That makes me wonder where you got your Gimp 2.10.10. The default in
>Ubuntu 19.04 is Gimp 2.10.8

I read somewhere that it was available, I went to the Ubuntu software center,
and it was there.  I uninstalled the version of GIMP I had installed, and
installed the new version.  I just checked the software center again and
confirmed that the GIMP I have installed is version 10.10.10, stable, updated

>Better off with the PPA & failing that Gimp 2.10.8 from the main
>ubuntu repo. Bottom line - give details and advice can follow.

I installed from PPAs to follow 2.9 development versions before 2.10 was
available.  My version seems to be working fine, I just seek to try out some of
the available plugins.  What details do you need in order to point me to the
items about which I inquire?  If G’MIC and GimpLensFun are not showing in my
GIMP, am I missing them (as in are they there, I am just not looking in the
right location), or need I get/install them.  That is my question.

>Making plugins executable. The usual advice is chown in a terminal.
>However, just use your file browser. Right click on the file. Choose
>properties (1) Choose Permissions (2) Click on Execute toggle (3) As

You don’t say, but, I am guessing that, since I have not created any scripts,
and becaused Installed Gimp scripts and plugins are run via the Gimp menu
structure **not** started on their own or from those terminals, then this
business of setting scripts to execute does not apply to what I am trying to
accomplish.  Is that correct?

I thank you for continuing to reply to this thread.  Let me know what additional
information I can offer so that you can point me in the right direction.


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