>I just started to use GIMP and now I have my first question.
>I open a file which is empty and use it to open other files as layers.
>I set up the grids for this file and make them visible.
>I work on the file, save it under another name, then close it.
>When I open the same file again the grids are not visible, so any time
>the file is opened I have to make the grids visible (View-->Show
>grid), an annoyance.
>Is there any way to save the setting for this file only which would
>include visible grids?
>Photoshop has that useful feature.
>A more general question: can I customize the View settings and save
>them for future reference?

Gimp is not a copy/clone of Photoshop so expect differences

While Image -> Configure Grid  settings are retained when saved as an .xcf file,
the switch to toggle view on/off is not. Maybe ask for this to be added as a
feature: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp/issues/  (but do not hold your

View -> Show Grid is enabled permanently from the Preferences Menu: Edit ->
Preferences ->  Image Windows -> Appearance. All the other options are there as

Since this is a global setting applied to any image you might want to set the
Default Grid size to something more than 10 pixels. Edit -> Preferences ->
Default Image -> Default Grid.

example: https://imgur.com/91HQIQ1.jpg

Newcomers to Gimp have been baffled by a large image opening as completely black
- the grid covering everything - yes it has happened.

A better way if you do not want to dive into the view menu might be set up a
hot-key to toggle the grid on/off.  Most keys are already assigned, use one you
will never miss

example: https://imgur.com/1azFetI.jpg

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