Hi, I'm hoping I've merely got a wetware problem here and that
someone will point to a simple solution.

For a while I've been using nufraw as my raw-importer with 2.10, but
on my latest system builds that no-longer compiles (looks like
gcc-9.1.0 dislikes the C++ code).  I got pointed to the github
version of ufraw earlier (and managed to get past the exiv2 changes
by taking patches from there, but that was back on gcc-8.3.0).  I
saw that is actively maintained, so I've now tried it.

No problems building it (master as of last night).  I can run
ufraw-batch, but when I tried to edit my preferences in gimp it told
me that only Dark Table and Raw Therapy are supported (I think -
can't get it to repeat that message).  I had nufraw working in
2.10.10 with gcc-8.3.0 so I'm hoping there is a simple way to edit
the preference ?

(I tried both Dark Table and Raw Therapy a while ago, but found them
too difficult, and with too many dependencies, for my simple needs.
No doubt I could learn one of them, but if so I would not have time
to do anything else)

Everything here is built from source, mostly using current or
very-recent versions, so please do not ask "which distro".

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