>I have a problem and someone can help me out.
>The tif photos are without background (transparent) and are shown as
>such in photoshop. However, when I open them in gimp they are
>displayed with a white background.
>How is this possible and is there a fix?

PS uses a non-standard feature called a 'clipping path' You can this find in
jpegs and tiffs formats that do not usually support transparency. Usually meant
for some sort of desktop publishing application.

The PS clipping path can be created two ways. 

If you are lucky, there will be a path in the paths dialogue. Make sure the
image has an alpha channel. Make a selection from path (might need to invert
it). Delete the selection.

If you are unlucky, it has been made for use in some other PS application such
as Illustrator. No path, not much you can do with it, except remove the white
background. Various ways, depends on the image.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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