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> Frank Gore <g...@projectpontiac.com> wrote:
> > They've already announced that initial resulting pictures would be
> > "about HD quality" (ie 1920x1080 or so) from the 11 "megarays" sensor.
> > So editing these images in Gimp should be no problem whatsoever.
> A minor point, but when a message is addressed to both the list and to
> an individual it helps the rest of us if the list is the addressee
> and the individual is the cc. That way we can sort messages into
> folders based on the "To" field.  

That's a non-reliable way to sort messages from mailing lists (as your message
indicates). A better way would be to filter based on the headers of List-Id: /
List-Post: / etc. which mailing list managers add. Many mailers such as KMail,
Claws-Mail and GMail.com support filtering based on that.


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> My incoming messages are sorted into 50 folders, for mailing lists,
> individual customers and the like. 

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