Ok, done!


please let me know if you need more information, but I think is really easy to understand.

thanks for the quick answer,

    - mIKEL

El 31/10/11 19:22, Michael Natterer escribió:
Please file a bug about this, i never thought of guides when
implementing the new transform preview class.


On Mon, 2011-10-31 at 18:52 +0100, Mikel Garai wrote:

I am working with the 2.7 version (compiling what is in git). I notice
that the rotate tool's preview is drawn in front of the guides. I read
several times in this list that the rotate's preview right now is a hack
due to performance, but in the 2.6 branch this same hack used to draw
the guides in the top.

If reverting this is a trivial change, I would appreciate this working
as it used to in the 2.6 branch, that I think is what guides are for. If
this leads to a complex change don't bother, is not that big deal, just
a little annoying.

The same is happening in scale, shear and perspective tools too.

Of course it would be awesome if this worked correctly in the layer
stack and with the layer blending/opacity/mask and so on, but this seems
like a much more drastic change for now, and maybe not even practical
due to performance.

Thanks for all the hard work and this wonderful application! I'm just an
enthusiast of photography, but every time i have to post-process
anything, GIMP is the way to go ( except some simple adjustments to
convert RAW ->  TIF )

   - mIKEL
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