On 11/05/2011 09:20 PM, Andrea Scotti wrote:
Hi everybody!
I'm new here...

I usually plug a drawing tablet and it works great with GIMP on a Ubuntu machine.

What I want to ask is this:

I want to plug a mouse. Normally movements either of the pen on the tablet or of the mouse are mapped to the cursor. I want to keep the mouse plugged while unattaching it from the cursor. So the cursor is only tablet driven. Then I want the brush size to be driven by the Y value of the mouse, while I drow with the tablet.

Is this possible??

Maybe editing the input devices editor? Or will I have to operate on X server also?

I don't think you can assign the brush size to something that is a position at least inside the Gimp input device settings. However the mouse wheel could be amenable to this.

But wouldn't it be more natural to drive the brush size with the tablet pressure?

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