On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Ken Springer <snowsh...@q.com> wrote:
> X11 seems to be an interesting situation.  I find posts stating it is
> automatically installed, others say it isn't, others say it depends on which
> version of OS X.  I even found one that said X11 development at Apple has
> been stopped.

It's been a long while since I used GIMP on a mac - but I remember
having to install X11 first.

If it's installed, it should be in Applications->Utilities.  Or at
least that's where it ended up in 10.2, which is about when I jumped
the OSX ship.  In any case, you should be able to run 'startx' in a
terminal (also in Applications->Utilities) and get some response other
than 'command not found' if X11 is installed.

If it's not installed, it used to be available as a download from
Apple's site and also included on the XCode CD - I'm unsure if this is
still the case.  There are other options - eg macports can install
GIMP for you and it will *probably* pull in any dependencies like X11


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