For this ring was like to twin serpents, whose eyes were 
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[/url] emeralds, and their heads met beneath a crown of golden flowers, that 
the one upheld and the other devoured; that was the badge of Finarfin and his 
house; Then Melian leaned to Thingol's side, and in whispered counsel bade him 
forgo his wrath. 'For not by you,' she said, 'shall Beren be slain; and far and 
free does his fate led him in the end, yet it is wound with yours. Take heed!'
But Thingol looked in silence upon Lъthien; and he thought in his heart: 
'Unhappy Men, children of little lords and brief kings, shall such as these lay 
hands on you, and yet live?' Then breaking the silence he said: 'I see the 
ring, son of Barahir, and I perceive that you are proud, and deem yourself 
mighty. But a father's deeds, even had his service been rendered to me, avail 
not to win the daughter of Thingol and Melian. See now! I too desire a treasure 
that is 
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the jewel that I would possess against all the powers of the Elf-kingdoms. Yet 
I hear you say that bonds such as these do not daunt you. Go your way 
therefore! Bring to me in your hand a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown; and then, 
if she will, Lъthien may set her hand in yours. Then you shall have my jewel; 
and though the fate of Arda lie within the Silmarils, yet you shall hold me 
Thus he wrought the doom of Doriath, and was ensnared within the curse of 
Mandos. And those that heard these words perceived that Thingol would save his 
oath, and yet send Beren to his death; for they know that not all the power of 
the Noldor, before the Siege was broken, had availed even to see from afar the 
shining Silmarils of Fлanor. For they were set in the Iron Crown, and treasured 
in Angband above all wealth; and Balrogs were about them, and 
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strong bars, and unassailable walls, and the dark majesty of Morgoth.
But Beren laughed. 'For little price,' he said, 'do Elven-kings sell their 
daughters: for gems, and things made by craft. But if this be your will, 
Thingol, I will perform it. And when we meet again my hand shall hold a 
Silmaril from the Iron Crown; for you have not looked the last upon Beren son 
of Barahir.' Then he looked in the eyes of Melian, who spoke not; and he bade 
farewell to Lъthien Tinъviel, and bowing before Thingol and Melian he put aside 
the guards about him, and departed from Menegroth alone.
Then at last Melian spoke, and she said to Thingol: 'O King, you have devised 
cunning counsel. But if my eyes have not lost their sight, it is ill for you, 
whether Beren fail in his errand, or achieve it. For you have doom either your 
daughter, or yourself. And now is Doriath drawn within the fate of a mightier 
realm.' But Thingol answered: 'I sell not to Elves or Men those whom I love and 
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above all treasure. 

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