Ok, so I have ordered a new MB and 16GB ram(MB supports up to 32GB) for my 
desktop machine and am waiting for it to arrive.  However, I don't currently 
have a processor, and would like to get an idea of which would be better, 
specifically for GIMP's use:

More Cores, Slower clock speed
Fewer Core's, higher Clock speed

Given that GIMP seems to allow setting your number of CPUs it can utilize, my 
initial thought here would be the more cores, the better.  Also, since I will 
likely be running at least 1-2 other programs at the same time, I expect this 
would likely be the best approach.  At this point, I don't have any plan's to 
add additional components in the near future, but long term once prices drop, I 
will likely buy 1 or more SSD's.

Any thoughts on the CPU debate?

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