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> One last thing,
> I read in a technical magazine just this week that adobe now actually has
> announced a ‘shake and motion blur’ removal algorithm, to be added to their
> product. That is something that I understand has been debated amongst image
> processing engineering for quite a while and has been considered to be
> almost unachievable, but obviously now there are demos proving really good
> results based on multiple edge detection and calculations of how traces of
> the edges are found and then algorithms will get the images clear again.
> According to the magazine the results were amazing.
> But I do appreciate that it could be extremely tough to make it generic and
> even to get it going in this project could be considered for 2.9 versions
> perhaps ?

Sven, we are seriously shorthanded and already lagging with releases.
v2.10 is not supposed to have anything beyond internal changes and
GSoC2011 projects. If anybody new joins the team, or one of our past
contributors becomes active again _and_ is really quick developing
such a feature, it could go to 2.10. Maybe.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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