>Using 2.6.11 on a Slackware 13.37 system. I have documentation
>located in /usr/doc/gimp-2.6.11. but when I attempt to access the
>Gimp manual I get this message:
>Could not open 'http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/gimp-help.xml' for reading: 
>Operation not supported

>Perhaps you are missing GIO backends and need to install GVFS?

>ON further investigation these seem to be Gnome packages. Not
>everyone uses Gnome. So this seems to be an unnecessary
>dependency. I run KDE and XFCE, not Gnome. And my experience is
>that if I download one package it will require something else

>The ftp versions seem to be related to 2.6.0, not 2.6.11

>Is there a way to install or access current documentation without
>getting involved with loading a bunch of Gnome packages? 

Nothing to do with Gnome, Gimp help is all html, so the linux files are the 
same as the windows files are the same as (KDE, E17, ... Gnome)

For on-line help use http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/ in your web browser to see if 
you can connect.

For a locally installed help, check Gimp -> preferences -> help system and see 
if local files are enabled and the correct browser is set.

AFAIK the location of the start up file for a local Gimp help should be 
(depending on language)

As for being up to date, everything to do with how the slackware repo is 
maintained. The Gimp 2.6 manual is work in progress so use the online version 
if you need the latest. I think this is ver.2.6.1 and does not follow the Gimp 
version number.

I don't bother these days with installing help but in the past when my 
installed version was lagging behind, dumped the web site to a local drive with
wget -r -p -np http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/
then grafted the files into the Gimp help directory.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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