On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 11:22 -0500, Jacob Gorneau wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Macintosh and have recently upgraded to the OS X Lion. I am 
> interested in your GIMP program, and was wondering if you were coming out 
> with a GIMP for the Lion. If not, can I still work with and export photos 
> from the Snow Leopard GIMP?
> Thanks,
> Jacob 

If you get very latest pango, gtk+ and gimp (preferrably git master
of all of them), it works really well on lion. We usually don't do
installable binaries, unless somebody steps forward and does it.

As a general note (not to you), I hope that whoever decides to package
gimp as an app bundle this time does is in cooperation with the
developers, and doesn't just patch it up, dump the patches on some
unrelated sourceforge project, and provides a bundle to download.

The way the windows packages are done works without *any* patches to
the source, because the packager hangs out on irc and is an upstream
developer, whatever gimp needs to be packaged on windows is simply
in upstream git.

I'm writing this here on gimp-user not to insult or antagonize the
people who have packaged gimp for mac in the past, but only so that
everybody can read it: please, come to irc/mailing list/bugzilla
and tell what patches you need to make gimp properly relocatable,
bundleable, whatever, and we can work together to get it upstreamed.


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