I can't help you understand the license but if you can get GIMP to run on 
tablets like the iPad, that would be awesome! Getting it on the iPhone and iPod 
Touch would be even more amazing! But if you aren't able to, that fine :P

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> Hi fellow GIMP user,
> My name is Mark Peng.  I first learned about GIMP as a photographer and a 
> Linux user.  It was the best tool for someone like me who need a powerful 
> tool and didn't want to boot back in Windows just to use Photoshop.
> Few years after I started using GIMP and I joined a company that makes 
> Windows based tablet computer with an active digital stylus and multitouch 
> input.  While my colleagues focus how Photoshop and Artrage would run on our 
> tablet, I thought GIMP would be the perfect software for the tablet and our 
> customer.  I already tested it out, it runs great and the pen pressure 
> sensitivity is supported.   However, I am hesitate to recommend to the 
> company because I am not familiar with GNU General Public License.  I was 
> wondering if someone on the discussion forum could help me understand the 
> finer detail
> I did look at this link and understand GIMP is a free software under GNU 
> General Public License.
> http://www.gimp.org/about/COPYING
> http://www.gimp.org/about/selling.html
> We don't intend to sell it for profit or charge extra for the service of 
> installing it.  The goal here is to preinstall it on the system since so many 
> of our customers like it and ask us why we don't include it in the first 
> place.
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