Whilst IANAL, I understand that the GPL would not preclude you from using GIMP 
in the way that you want.

I believe that it is also within the GPL to sell it for a profit. However, the 
ethics of doing that would be questionable if some of that profit was not 
directed to the GIMP project.

On Tue December 20 2011 15:34:41 Mark Peng wrote:
> Hi fellow GIMP user,
> My name is Mark Peng.  I first learned about GIMP as a photographer and
> a Linux user.  It was the best tool for someone like me who need a
> powerful tool and didn't want to boot back in Windows just to use Photoshop.
> Few years after I started using GIMP and I joined a company that makes
> Windows based tablet computer with an active digital stylus and
> multitouch input.  While my colleagues focus how Photoshop and Artrage
> would run on our tablet, I thought GIMP would be the perfect software
> for the tablet and our customer.  I already tested it out, it runs great
> and the pen pressure sensitivity is supported.   However, I am hesitate
> to recommend to the company because I am not familiar with GNU General
> Public License.  I was wondering if someone on the discussion forum
> could help me understand the finer detail
> I did look at this link and understand GIMP is a free software under GNU
> General Public License.
> http://www.gimp.org/about/COPYING
> http://www.gimp.org/about/selling.html
> We don't intend to sell it for profit or charge extra for the service of
> installing it.  The goal here is to preinstall it on the system since so
> many of our customers like it and ask us why we don't include it in the
> first place.
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