It's pretty straightforward when it comes to the GPL. You can
distribute the compiled software all you want either at no cost or for
a price. What you can't do is make changes to it and then distribute
it without making those changes available to everyone in source code
form. Whatever you distribute must also be made available in source
code form, either for free or for a reasonable cost (ie. the cost of
making a CD and mailing it). You also can't incorporate any changes
that make it incompatible with the GPL, which means any changes you
make must not include code that is licensed under an incompatible
license (ie. proprietary code).

Since the source code for Gimp is easily available already, anyone can
distribute the unmodified software and just include a link to the
official source code online. Technically, the link is already there in
the software. No costs involved, and full compliance with the GPL.

Frank Gore
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