On 12/20/2011 07:37 PM, Dan Kronstadt wrote:
> Hello, all. I'm new to Gimp - running on Windows. I think I took
> the defaults on installation. My problem is slow startup - and I
> think the problem is the 170 modules I have in the plug-ins
> directory. I moved them all somewhere else, and Gimp started up
> really fast - but I could not, for example, even open a jpg image.
> I think the only option was a native Gimp file.

Hey Dan,

I ran into a similar problem a couple of years ago on a Windows XP
installation.  It's been a while but from digging around in the
forums I think I recognize this as what fixed it for me:  Find and
delete ~/home/.fonts-cache1  (Or to be on the safe side, RENAME the
thing, so you can put it back as it was if something breaks!)  IIRC
the problem was some corrupted files in the said cache.

I have been using a large number of optional plugins in addition to
all the normal ones, and a large set of optional and user-made
brushes for a long time on both MS and Linux boxes, including some
with VERY low resources.  The time it takes to scan plugins,
brushes, etc. when starting has never been more than ten seconds or
so.  The "five minutes or more to start" issue I ran into was a one
time thing solved by removing the above mentioned cache.  Hopefully
that or something similar will solve your problem - removing plugins
means removing important components, unless you can identify some
that you literally never use.



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