On 12/28/2011 02:14 PM, Stefan Maerz wrote:

> PIMP - The Photoshop-like Image Manipulation Program
That one gets my vote, but only if the acronym can stand for
"Primary Image Manipulation Program."  After all, the title should
be as accurately descriptive as possible.

IMO the idea that GIMP is somehow "chasing after" or "trying to be"
an Adobe product is very dangerous, and it comes straight from
Adobe's marketing department.  I happen to LIKE the difference, and
by like I mean, the differences have a positive impact on my

Does Gnome try to "be" the latest Microsoft or MAC desktop
interface?  Does VLC try to "be" Windows Media Player, or Amarok
aspire to "be" iTunes?  Do the users of these tools feel compelled
to name a commercial package that does roughly the same things every
time they mention the tool they DO use?



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