My +1 also,

and above is "just another reason" *not* to use html on an email list,

+1 to leave it alone.

And guys, please try to think of the names in English like a person that doesn't speak English natively. I am sure many of you will realize how stupid and funny they sound. Every day I encounter new and new examples of this. I don't understand how you English speaking people perceive these names, but what the hell is "Adobe Photoshop"?! A shop for photographic stuff made of adobe?! Down the corner?! Stupid, yes? And funny.

So leave it alone. Somebody who feels his/her ego hurt by a software name should think that in some other language the same name maybe sounds totally different, should we inspect each end every language to find a neutral name? And should we let our ego be influenced by such things - no.
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