> > > I didn't have time to read this whole thread, so pardon me if it's
> > >already been
> > >pointed out that the idea of changing the name of GIMP has come up more
> > >than
> > >once in the past.
> > >

> > Frankly, and meaning no offense to any party, I do think that this
> > discussion is a bit absurd.
> >

>  I am also new to the list and found this discussion ludicrous albeit
> interesting.

I am a bit of a lurker, but over the last few change-the-name
discussions have been almost exasperated enough to make a post :).
Just wondering, is it possible to prevent the discussion arising
again? Hard link the archives of the various discussions that have
arisen over the years?  Make a highly visible FAQ?  Or is it something
the list will just field ad infinitum?
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