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I have a problem, and i think your the only ones who can give me the right answer... -Everybody telling me it's legally and free to download brushes from the internet. (example : http://browse.deviantart.com/resources/applications/gimpbrushes/ ) Maybe it's just because i'm a kind of 'new in GIMP', that I find it suspecius?

I really hope you can help me, cause i haven't got a clue about all this, but i really want to know something more!

I'm sorry for my bad english!

Kind regards from Alina, - from Denmark


Gimp is itself completely free, you can download it from anywhere, and you can even sell it...

The case of Gimp resources, such as brushes or patterns produced by individuals may be different, but most of what I see available on the net is indeed free (and when it's not, it's usually clearly labeled as such). However, in that specific case, since the dinosaurs are an adaptation of a clipart, it really depends on the status if the clipart, there could be a copyright infringement afoot (but you can ask the author)(on the other hand, since this is clearly stated, this could be legitimate). The hearts are likely fully original art and so are very likely OK.

There are also free fonts that you can use without guilt (see dafont.com, in particular).

Just enjoy
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