* Daniel Smith <opened...@gmail.com> [12-31-11 12:17]:
> I used to work with Photoshop every day for 10 years, and I think that
> people who truly have a preference merely like the interface better
> because they're used to it. I haven't been in graphics for a while
> now, and I find Gimp every bit as good as the old(er) Photoshop I used
> to use, especially for print or web pages. Of course, the last versions I
> ever even opened was CS or CS2 of pshop. It does seem support for
> RAW in Gimp is rather problematic.

I don't understand this statement, last sentence.  RAW support for/in gimp
is provided by the same decoder most of the commercial apps utilize,
dcraw.  And is updated much more frequently and w/o cost compared to the
"commercial" apps.

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