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Patrick Shanahan <> wrote:

>Guess I should do the entire job  :^)

Yes, thanks.  I saw that too.  But if you will recall, is was just earlier
today that Frank Gore <> wrote:

>Yeah, the current version of UFraw is pretty far behind. Gimp does not
>make use of dcraw directly, it uses UFraw. And since dcraw is not a
>library, UFraw doesn't benefit from updates to dcraw unless they keep
>up with releases. UFraw currently barely supports my 2-year-old Pentax
>K-x, it's pretty pathetic.

The Pentax K-x is listed on the page you pointed me to (as being a supported
camera type) but there's a difference between "supported" and (in Frank Gore's
words) "barely supported".  And I've experienced that difference myself in
other situations with other (entirely unrelated) software and it is most
frustrating and unproductive.  (I still can't get my new Epson Perfection
V500 Photo scanner to work with anything *NIX, even though it theory it
should be able to.)

So this explains why I asked about gimp support for .RW2 files, even though
I did in fact already see the pages you helpfully pointed me to.  I'd like
to know if Gimp supports .RW2 files, or if it only "barely" supports them
(perhaps even, God forbid, in a "pathetic" way).

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