OK, I Googled and found the steps for creating a colored circle with the
border size I preferred. Cool. But when it came to something as simple as
copying that circle (it's in a new layer) and changing the size, Google was
pulling up irrelevant sites. Yes I've seen the official docs, but they're
very detailed and I'm in a "get it done now" environment.

My base image is a screen capture of the most commonly-used screen in our
main software here. I want to create copies of my groovy new circle and
place it over the buttons employees will use each day. Plus re-size the
circles as needed. (Note that I've been using Photoshop in the past, and
it's driving me nuts that I don't know how to "see" each new layer in
GIMP.) Can someone point me to a "layers/circles for dummies" tutorial?

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