On 01/13/2012 06:54 PM, evan neumann wrote:
> Bernd gets a gold star!
> Creating a new User Account worked. But now I am left with the
> quandary of whether to migrate all usage to the new account or try
> to troubleshoot this user account. I did delete the C:\Documents
> and Setting\ [username]\.gimp-2.6 folder and all of it's contents
> several times. Are there files elsewhere that I can delete?

Take a look at the directory tree under \...\Local
Settings\Application Data\ in your "real" user account.  Right now I
don't have access to a Windows box, and the interwebs are stubbornly
refusing to show me a listing of the default directory tree for XP
user accounts, but you get the idea:  There is a directory for
storing application data, with subdirectories for individual
programs.  If you open your top level user account directory in
Windows Explorer and do a global search for "gimp," a directory you
did not remove earlier might show up.



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