On 01/22/2012 03:59 PM, Stefan Maerz wrote:
> A while ago I calculated area by creating a transparent layer and
> painting with a brush the locations that I wanted to include in
> the area. Then using GIMP's histogram (color>Info>histogram), I
> got a pixel count for that new layer. (Side note, make sure you
> have the right layer selected in the layers dialog)
> Then I used a proportion ( Pixels:Inches ) that I got from a scale
> in the image to calculated area.

WOW, I thought I knew some clever tricks but this one wins the
prize!  In the case at hand, Select By Color with suitable threshold
adjustments in the Tool Options tab, followed by Colors > Info >
Histogram should do the trick.  I just checked and if there is a
selection, the Histogram tool only looks at that.


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