Hi there again

I want to make colouring book pictures for my students from photographs of 
themselves (want to see kids get excited about something - give them a picture 
of themselves to colour in).  Right now I am using the cartoon filter, 
desaturating the image and then painstakingly selecting by colour, each 
greyscaled set of pixels and then cutting them so that in effect, the image 
becomes a traced black and white image.  I am wondering if there is an easier 
way to do this - I have tried using the threshold and levels filters - but I 
find that it makes the image too pop-arty, like those Che Guevara type T-shirt 
graphics.  Ideally I want to literally make the image look like colouring book 
picture or a stamp. Is there an easier way to do that without having to pick 
and delete the greyscaled parts of the image? Any help would be appreciated.  

NoviceGimper (via gimpusers.com)
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