I have been burning brain cells on this for a while.  I do have one final 
question.  Like in the case where there was green in all sorts of places, how 
could I go and change all the green areas to any color that I want, in only a 
couple of clicks?

Brent Shifley
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Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)

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Hi Brent,

This is pretty simple in terms of getting the selected area with this 
particular image:

Load the image into gimp.
Choose the color selection tool.
Set Threshold to 30
Click on the darker green area.
At least for your sample map, that got everything.  Note that the color on your 
sample map is not uniform, which is why the threshold has to be upped from the 
default (15) to 30.  If it doesn't get everything, start over (undo the last 
operation or exit and start over), up the threshold some more and click on 
missing areas until you get them all.  This works relatively pain-free because 
there is no similar green anywhere in the image.

Edit/Copy to copy the selected area.
Select/None to deselect everything

   Click to expand "Advanced Options"
Set "Fill with" to transparency
   You should have just the green areas

Close the window containing the original image

If you don't have the layers dialog open, bring it up.
You should see a "Floating Selection"
Click the anchor button along the bottom (next to the trashcan) to anchor the 
pasted stuff into the background.


On 1/25/2012 11:26 AM, Brent Shifley wrote:
> Here is the url to the file:
> This is actually a much simpler graphic than what I would normally be 
> using, but you get the idea. In as few clicks as possible, I just want 
> the green areas, and want the rest of the graphics transparent.
> Brent Shifley
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