>I have been burning brain cells on this for a while.  I do have one final 
>question.  Like in the case where there was green in all sorts of places, how 
>could I go and change all the green areas to any color that I want, in only a 
>couple of clicks?


>On 1/25/2012 11:26 AM, Brent Shifley wrote:
>> Here is the url to the file:

>> This is actually a much simpler graphic than what I would normally be 
>> using, but you get the idea. In as few clicks as possible, I just want 
>> the green areas, and want the rest of the graphics transparent.
>> Brent Shifley

The great thing about Gimp is there is always another way.

Have to confess, my first thoughts were with the G'mic plugin but maybe a 
better way for your specific case is 

Convert the image to indexed with a small number of colours
Edit the colour map so anything non green is (say) white
Back to RGB mode and colour-to-alpha to remove the white.

Short demo - 2 mins here http://youtu.be/xVy4rwoye6o

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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