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> About the function `Brighten in 'Lens distortion filter'
> Hi, I am Syu, I have a question and hope if some kind peoples can help me
> to find the answer,
> it will be very helpful for me.******
> I am not good at English, hope you will try to understand my problem. I
> will try my best to write...
> I am a lecturer and I want to introduce the Gimp to my students here in
> Japan, using to make image processiong.
> I think it is a wonderful tool and thanks all for make it possible to be
> free !
> Well, I have a question about the filter namede'Lens distortion',  especially
> the funtion of 'Brighten'.
> It is explained as ''The 'Main' or 'Edge' options must be non zero for
> this option to produce noticeable result."
> Why? If I don't want to change the shape of the image, what should I do ?
Hi Syu,

This function, as I understand it, is intended to correct an error of some
cameras, where towards the edges of the picture -- the same areas that tend
to suffer from lens distortion --, the colors are darkened. That is why the
function only operates in the areas where you have specified there is

If you simply wish to brighten the image, I suggest "Brightness-Contrast",
found in the Colors menu.

I hope that helps.

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