On 02/07/2012 02:15 PM, Kekko wrote:
Hi everybody,
just two simple questions about GIMP 2.7.4 that I installed on Linux Ubuntu 

2. Why the command "Save as" don't allow to save in jpg? Now we are forced to 
use Export in order to save an image in jpg format.

Because prior to 2.7, if you edit a XCF, and "save as" JPEG/TIFF/PNG, the image is deemed saved and you can quit without being told you'll lose your work (which is the case, think about layers/selections/paths...). So now "Save/Save as" is restricted to XCF, and if you want to obtain a JPEG/TIFF/PNG you have to export. I believe there an exception to this, if the image is loaded from a non-XCF file you can still "Save" directly to that format.

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