This addresses Gimp Experts only:

Can anyone code a Gimp automation for me (paid) that sequentially loads shoe 
images from a folder, creates a layer from the "2D view" and saves this as new 

"2D view": Naturally, the shoe source photos show their depth too (3D). But for 
a web project I need only the parts that would be at the front: If someone was 
wearing the shoe, the depth parts would be hidden by the foot/leg, hence these 
parts need to become transparent. 

Although it may sound complicated, manually I can do it rather easily, and for 
how to do it automatically I could provide you with a detailed step by step 
guide. Then you would "program" what I "see" and the sequence of the tools I 

"Automatically": This actually wouldn't be fully automatic (is rather 
difficult), instead your code would allow me with 2 to 3 clicks to extract the 
layer of what I need of each image.

Anyone done sth similar before, or is sure to have the skill nonetheless? ;-)

Davidoff (via
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