>On 02/18/2012 08:29 AM, TheoN wrote:
>> Dear developers,
>> There is short cut missing in the new version 6.2.12
>> In version 2.6.11 you can change the scale of brushes by using ] to enlarge 
>> or [ decrease the size of the brush.
>> It would be nice if this came back in the next version therefore I turn back 
>> to version 6.2.11.
>> It's a very handy tool.
>> However I look forward to the new version 2.8 the developers did a very good 
>> job.
>> The link 
>> http://libregraphicsworld.org/blog/entry/what-hasnt-happened-to-gimp-2.8 
>> impressed me for the new appications.

>Hey Theo,

>I don't know if this is relevant to your use case, but one of my
>favorite "should be a default" features is the ability to use the
>normally unassigned alt + mouse wheel combination to scale brushes. 
>Since [ and ] are usually right-handed gestures, most users will
>like not having to let go of their mouse to change their brush
>size.  Configuration, illustrated:




Thanks a lot Steve,
I have installed the version 6.2.12 again installed over the previous version 
and now the short key [ and ] does work again.
I don't know the reason for this, but every thing it’s OK now.
The illustration of the mouse in combination is a different content in my Dutch 
version, but I see this can be modified.
It's very useful.
Best regards Theo

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